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  • RE: 7-Zip Portable - No longer detected (Bug)

    The reason you saw this in the past, is that you used to use the Personal edition.

    The Personal edition by default displays files that are considered libraries.

    The issue with 7z.exe is that it is hugely popular, as a library. In fact, there is an average of 1.6 7z.exe files on each host that uses VulnDetect, which are "real" libraries, only a tiny fraction of these are portable, like yours.

    22% of all hosts have a "real" 7-Zip installation. These "real" installations are displayed correctly and updated automatically.

    Sadly, there is no simple way (for us) to make a distinction between a 7z.exe that is used as a library, and one that is a portable file, like yours.

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  • Custom Software

    The purpose of this category is to demonstrate and document how to use the Custom Software feature in VulnDetect.

    This feature is still under development, and some of the examples are considered experimental.

    Please write comments to the individual posts or write to support. Support will then update the posts as applicable.

    NOTE: This feature is not available for trial accounts by default.
    Also, ONLY users with Administer privileges can see this feature and thus create and assign Custom Software configurations. Users with Read / Write privileges do not have access.

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  • RE: Forum Maintenance & Move Day

    The Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect that data now is stored at Hetzner, rather than at AWS.

    The module that allows custom content like the Privacy Policy has also been reinstalled and reactivated.

    Ping @tom if there are any issues with the forum.

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  • RE: Forum Maintenance & Move Day

    The forum is now updated and hosted at Hetzner, like all other production systems.

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  • Forum Maintenance & Move Day

    We are currently updating the forum, changing hosting and moving the database.

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  • RE: Planned Maintenance - Saturday 2021-07-31

    The systems are all back online.

    The maintenance, which really wasn't maintenance at all, but rather a move of all our infrastructure from AWS in Ireland, to Hetzner in Germany.

    The policies will be updated soon, to reflect this. There is still some backup data at AWS, which will be purged soon.

    Also, we will continue to use AWS S3 for some transient storage.

    All databases and all processing of data is now conducted on our "own" systems hosted at Hetzner.

    This has given us significant more computing resources as well as cost savings.

    More importantly, we have upgraded the setup, in almost every way possible, allowing much smoother deployment of changes, as well as much more control and insight of operations.

    The coming week or two, will likely call for some fine tuning and tweaking, but all in all, it looks like everything is running smoothly.

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  • Planned Maintenance - Saturday 2021-07-31

    We are currently conducting system maintenance. This means that we will be closing all access to the services.

    The UI is expected to be back within an hour.

    The Agent servers and processing of inspections are expected to be back online within 3 hours.

    The maintenance will not affect the forum, only services on * are affected.

    We will update this post or post new comments when there is new information.

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  • RE: [Added] WhyNotWin11 - App-Request

    @olli_s Thank you, it was added some days ago, but some changes were made to last few versions, so the detection had to be updated.

    That is now in place and so is the icon, thank you.

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  • RE: [Added] Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (Community) - App-Request

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It appears that there is at least three different "names", and this appears to be based on the license.

    We have changed the rules, so we now select a title based on what is in "Add/Remove".

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