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  • RE: [Solved] Norton Security - Vendor Incorrect

    Thank you for letting us know (btw. we base it on the legal owner of the website, not the company name in the EXE, but the legal entity on the website has changed too).

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  • RE: [Solved] WingetUI - Installed Version recommended

    We've tweaked the detection, do let us know if it has improved.

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  • RE: [Solved] Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime - Product-Page wrong

    We've updated the links for Edge and Edge WebView2, thank you.

    Edge WebView2 is a tad special, as there is different editions, some which are intended to be bundled with third party apps and then there is one which is system wide and can be shared by apps that need it.

    The system wide one can be updated by simply running the latest installer, which is what we do, when you let VulnDetect update it.

    The alternative is to let the built-in (Edge) updater update it.

    Since many different applications use WebView2, it often takes time before it is updated (i.e. it often requires a system restart because important files are in use).

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  • RE: [Corporate] Why do Ignore Rules expire?

    @OLLI_S Good questions.
    Most customers who requested this feature, want to periodically review the apps that they Ignored.
    They are not deleted, they can simply be extended.
    Yes, users do get an email stating that some Ignore rules will expire within X days.
    On the Configuration page, there is a tab with Ignore rules, simply highlight X number of rules and click the Renew button, and they should be extended with another 90 days.
    No, they all expire after 90 days by default.
    Again, feedback is welcome on this feature, after you have used for a while. We are not certain that it is ideal, so we are open for suggestions once it has been used in "real life" for a while,

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  • RE: Filter by Status

    @OLLI_S Thank you for the suggestion, it will be reviewed.

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  • RE: Enhance Group Management

    @OLLI_S Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider it, next time we review UI features.

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  • RE: [Solved] Skype for desktop not considered as latest

    Hi Greg,
    Indeed, on the 10th November was the default version available for download, since it appears it has been reverted.
    Thank you for letting us know, we will let remain recommended for a bit longer.

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  • RE: New users, approvals and scammers

    A quick follow up on this.

    Yesterday, we conducted "The Purge", it involved deleting thousands of accounts, sadly we based this on IP addresses extrapolated from obvious SPAM/SCAM accounts. This clearly proved that a few specific countries known for underpaid labour and SPAM factories are central to this.

    Thus, we have decided to implement IP based filtering. As crude and prejudiced as it may be, it is simply the easiest way to combat the majority of this frustrating and wasteful flooding.

    If you have been impacted by this and have a legitimate interest in the site, please contact us by other means and we will help you restore access to the forum.

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  • New users, approvals and scammers


    Welcome to VulnDetect dot org, the forum for discussing SecTeer VulnDetect and related subjects.

    Sadly, we have been flooded with SPAM and SCAM posts from simpleminded individuals, criminals and underpaid off-shore workers.

    We have therefore started a crude campaign to delete a vast number of accounts and the posts they attempt to make.

    Sadly, it appears that we occasionally delete a legitimate post or user. We apologize for that.

    Doing a proper vetting of a single registration and post is simply too time consuming.

    We have therefore changed the registration process, so first of all you have to answer a simple question, it appears to stop half of the simpleminded individuals who are tasked with spamming sites such as ours, the rest, that means both legitimate users and scammers with a bit of cognitive abilities has to wait for an admin to reject or accept their profile.

    We will attempt to do this daily, but can't promise that it always will be done in a timely fashion.

    Most users who should have access to this site either already have a connection to a user in our community or knows an employee who works here. If not, please do spend a few minutes on the forum or on the parent website, to find alternate contact information and send us a request to approve your profile and post.

    We apologize for all this, but we want to ensure that this forum has a high degree of relevant posts, without boring scam posts about ED, travel advice, erotic services and similar totally irrelevant and probably fraudulent content.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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  • RE: Things I would look for in a new vulnerability detection program

    @WacoJohn My apologies for this.

    Please see this response:

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