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    It seems that the Flexera guys didn't like that we, as a new user, posted about the VulnDetect project, despite them discontinuing the beloved Secunia PSI.

    We would very much appreciate if you would gently the spread the word and a few links to /, it is much needed, so we have a lot of testers once the alpha is ready.

    We also feel that it is important to invite all the PSI forum users to come here and join the VulnDetect forum.

    We are also very open to creating new Categories and Sub-categories here, where different, related subjects can be discussed and provide moderator privileges to those who want to contribute.


  • Tom, that's just cold seeing as how they discontinued our beloved psi anyway. I'm really pleased to hear that someone cares enough to try and build something similar. I like many other's used psi for years to help me keep vulnerable programs safe. Please forgive any typo's my vision isn't all that good anymore, lol. I hope you guys have a nice day. 🙂

  • Just major and minor notes. Number versions can mean little to many.
    SUMo has a nice list funtion to TXT or CSV, and that's all.
    Mos of these PSI programmes I have deleted on second report--Too annoying, little need for single user.

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