[Solved] Elite Dangerous Launcher - Version Number clickable

  • Community Moderator

    Elite Dangerous and the Elite Dangerous Launcher are detected correctly (also the version number is detected correctly).

    The version number 0.4.6415.0 is formatted like a link (maybe Edge thinks that this is a IP-Address):


    By the way: also in the second line of this posting Edge formats the version number as link. 😞

    I tested the version number with other browsers:

    • In Google Chrome the version number is displayed as normal text (not as a clickable link)
    • Firefox also displays the version number as normal text
    • Opera also displays the version number as normal text

    So this is just an issue in Microsoft Edge.
    So is there anything you can do here?

  • Community Moderator

    I saw that in Edge no version number is clickable (for all my apps)
    So the issue is solved!

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