Welcome to VulnDetect the alternative to the Secunia PSI which will "die" on 20th April 2018

  • Just like you, we used to love the Secunia PSI and have been sad to see it wither away during the past years.

    And now it seems it will be no more, RIP Secunia PSI.

    For some time we have been working on an alternative, which will detect vulnerable and End-of-Life software and of course suggest the latest version available of the vulnerable software.

    Naturally, the VulnDetect will become an awesome product, eventually!

    But first we have to start with the basics and will initially provide a rudimentary solution for you to test and provide us feedback 🙂

    We would therefore be happy to hear from you:

    • What did you like in the Secunia PSI?
    • What could be better?
    • What was always missing?

    The VulnDetect, as the name implies, is intended to detect vulnerable software and in turn also End-of-Life software.

    Please send an email to vulndetect [ at ] vulndetect.com and we will keep you informed with any news and updates. Don't worry, we will not share your info with anyone and you may chose to opt-out at any time.

    You are also most welcome to register with this forum and start discussing the new VulnDetect and everything you wanted to change about the Secunia PSI.

    /The VulnDetect Team

    The latest agent can be downloaded from:

  • @khfbvfug
    Please send me the log "c:\windows\secteer.log" via tom [at] vulndetect [dot] com. And I will get back to you later.

  • @vulndetect
    Attempted install on Win 7 Error activating agent: The connection with the server has been terminated.

  • @IslandMtn
    I agree, and we will soon notify about that too. We are just starting to build all the detection rules for that. And to do that, we need a lot of users to install the Tech Preview, so we get more data.

    See more:

  • Because many nasty and/or unwanted programs are installed through vulnerabilities in out-dated & unsecure programs, Secunia PSI's scan for vulnerable programs was most useful so that it could be decided whether to install updates or uninstall end-of-life programs. It was easy to know whether all was ok by having the icon green or red. Best wishes in your project!

  • PSI user for years I liked the continuous update of recognized apps and eventually to keep out of scan dead apps.
    As many others, I hated the splash screen 🙂
    I did not used the update feature as most of the times it did not work as "run as".
    One thing missing is to have some control on the schedule of scans.

    Hope this helps.


  • It seems the PSI is now EoL. The user interface of the PSI no longer loads.

    Rest assured, VulnDetect will become a viable alternative, and we are committed to providing a free version, for personal use.

    Stay tuned and RIP Secunia.

  • This is the thread we update regularly, with information about the state of the VD:

  • Something that I forgot to mention was the Icon in the taskbar green when all was okay and red when attention was needed that is a good feature

  • I think that Secunia PSI version 2 was just about perfect bringing you the updates that were critical and end of life and then it was for you to decide to uninstall or install them or have the updates downloaded automatically. If you are able to get your program anywhere near that you are on to a winner and will have plenty of support and followers

  • I definitely agree with @DefencePlus Secunia PSI Version 2 was the best. It gave you all the information there. No need to dig further. It was intuitive. Version 3 felt like it was under a blanket and you had to lift up the blanket to find out more detailed information. And it never seemed to give you as much as Version 2. So if VulnDetect tries to emulate the best it should try to emulate Version 2 of Secunia PSI. I hope you are successful at this project. Sepecially End of Life info as PSI gave.

  • By the way, terrible layout and colours for your email replies.
    Few run all application at full screen, so the fields should scale.
    Try design with vaselined glasses, and kitchen mitts.
    Cannot see the message box, to much white, not enough boundary lines etc.

  • I would like to see "Just Report"
    But even then, somehow there should be a Major/Minor note, or better a list of changes, corrections and such to any software package, so that the intelligent user can decide to update, or not update. That is the question.
    Rather than make a change, live with the "current version" and make do.

  • I liked detection rate, the fact it detected vulnerable DLLs and software components, not just whole installations.
    What I hated was performance of v3, v2 was good, but v3 was very, very sluggish.

  • The only problem I had with PSI was that it would sit there on startup without giving any user feedback that it was actually doing something. We could not tell if it had locked up or if it was just trying to connect to the server.

  • A great starting point would be to add just about all the functionality that PSI version 2 had. Sure that program could be improved, but to me, it always seemed surprisingly close to perfection. And as I have been unable to find an alternative program that really fits my preferences (PSI version 3 never really seemed to leave it's beta stage), I'm really exited about the PSI alternative you are working on. I'll definitely be following this project with excitement!

  • Awesome initiative!

    I look forward to testing it, have been an avid user of the PSI for some time.
    Can't wait!


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