[RELEASE] Secteer VulnDetect Personal, Corporate and backend - 2020-08-20

  • The latest agent can be downloaded from:

    The latest version of the UI / backend is immediately available after release.

    VulnDetect Personal: v1.0.0 2020-08-20

    • Release version 1.0.0, remove Beta designation
    • Add Vendor field to Applications page.
    • Add general Search field to Applications page.
    • Show the solution (download-link) for all apps for which an update is available, not just those that are insecure.
    • Add ability to enable multifactor authentication, like in the corporate version.
    • Update logout page to match other UIs.
    • Update shared lib and use components from that for account-password/multifactor-authentication.
    • Update CoreUI from version 1.8.4 to 2.6.1.
    • Replace react-bootstrap-table with react-bootstrap-table-next.
    • Clean up dependencies and update to latest available versions where possible.
    • Visual changes: buttons now have round edges.

    v0.14.0 2020-07-01

    • Update api paths to match backend.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.11.2 2020-07-07

    • Hide some properties in the found-files model.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.11.1 2020-07-06

    • Fix issue with inserting found files causing long-running transactions.
    • Fix issue where low-level errors might leak non-numeric error 'codes' to client queries.

    SCHME: v1.16.14 2020-07-06

    • Send full inspections to the BigCR to reduce load in the normal ones, in particular due to the new found-files being handled in the CR.

    SCHME: v1.16.13 2020-07-03

    • For customers with the isTrackFoundFiles flag enabled, the (big)CR now saves found-files in the csdb for full inspections.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.11.0 2020-07-03

    • First proper release of API endpoints that are accessible with api-token authentication.
    • Add API endpoint for found-files.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.10.1 2020-07-01

    • Update admin paths in the cli tool.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.10.0 2020-07-01

    • Change api paths so that all of them are under /api/corporate/, /api/personal/, and /api/admin/ for easier management.
      • This will invalidate all sessions.
      • Requires Corporate UI v1.8.0, Personal UI v0.14.0 and Admin UI v0.6.0
    • Add support for API tokens to access user endpoints. Currently, only a handful of endpoints are exposed.
    • API tokens can be created by users or cams.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.20 2020-06-29

    • Add application uuid to model to allow the UI to have a unique key per row.

    Personal: v0.14.0 2020-07-01

    • Update api paths to match backend.

    Personal: v0.13.4 2020-06-29

    • Update Windows Update data handling to align with backend changes.

    SCHME: v1.16.12 2020-06-29

    • Ensure that the title of a found app is never undefined, since this can have disastrous consequences.

    SCHME: v1.16.11 2020-06-29

    • Update rules with support for more WUA properties and add op for analysing WUA status.

    SCHME: v1.16.10 2020-06-24

    • During VPF processing, propagate $cmd vars set by product ops across channels.

    SCHME: v1.16.9 2020-06-22

    • Propagate the 'hidden' and 'mandatory' flags on Windows Update results.

    Personal: v0.13.3 2020-06-22

    • Hide Windows Updates that are hidden or non-mandatory and don't have a security impact.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.19 2020-06-19

    • Fix invalid date in inspection rules.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.18 2020-06-18

    • Enable the Windows Update test in all inspection for agents v1.1.0.0 or higher.
    • Configure the agent external process timeout to 30 minutes, since the default, 10-minute timeout, seems too short for some tasks.
    • Enabe filtering by group-uuid when requesting applications from the admin API.

    SCHME: v1.16.8 2020-06-18

    • Fix issue with display.title due to operator precedence being used incorrectly.

    SCHME: v1.16.7 2020-06-18

    • The display.title field is now required in the result. Continue supporting a fallback of 'vendor + product', but fail if neither title nor product is set.
    • Support an empty or missing display.vendor field, which defaults to an empty string.
    • Set display.product and display.productFamily to null of empty, these fields are deprecated.

    SCHME: v1.16.6 2020-06-17

    • Update KB Rule handling.

    Personal: v0.13.2 2020-06-17

    • Fix build issue.

    Personal: v0.13.1 2020-06-17

    • Add support for showing KB results in app expanded section.

    SCHME: v1.16.5 2020-06-15

    • Add new casting op, "(hexstring)", and also add "(string)" casting op and deprecate the "string" casting op.

    SCHME: v1.16.4 2020-06-11

    • Fix issue with loopkups in registry inspection data.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.17 2020-06-10

    • Add new registry inspection rules to look up Windows version.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.16 2020-06-10

    • Fix issue with new registry inspection rules.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.15 2020-06-10

    • Add new registry inspection rules.
    • Fix minor issues in internal management tools.

    SCHME: v1.16.3 2020-06-10

    • Fix issues with KB Rules.
    • Log summary of WUA data in CR log.

    SCHME: v1.16.2 2020-06-10

    • Accumulate KB articles across channels.

    SCHME: v1.16.1 2020-06-08

    • Fix issues with $cmd:discard.

    SCHME: v1.16.0 2020-06-07

    • Update include library to support global product ops, currently with some hardcoded ops.
    • Updated include libary also fixes some minor issues in product construction.

    SCHME: v1.15.0 2020-06-04

    • Improve handling of products that load with errors, so their lookups are still used in inspection rules.
    • Send a message to the notification channel on error when loading products.
    • Use a default icon in application results if no icon is set by vpfs.
    • Add support for marking files to ignore with a $cmd:discard op comamnd.
    • Add support for KB rules. Currently, they don't have special handling in results, just that their data becomes part of results.
    • Reafactor task processing into a separate code file, and fix issue with redundant, non-duplicate pending tasks being kept.
    • Propagate inspection message priority to the pp queue.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.14 2020-06-04

    • Set a higher priority on reinspections thatn incoming inspections.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.13 2020-06-03

    • Fix issue with the zero-day flag being incorrectly set in the recommended version.
    • Update include lib with fixes to vuln status flags.
    • Fix issue with uppercase usernames when managing sites in aura.

    SCHME: v1.14.5 2020-06-02

    • Fox issue with logging of KB Rules being not implemented yet.

    SCHME: v1.14.4 2020-06-02

    • Fix issue with KB Rules that made them fail to load.

    SCHME: v1.14.3 2020-05-29

    • Update include lib with support for KB Rules, so that they don't throw errors. KB Rules still aren't implemented and have no effect.

    SCHME: v1.14.2 2020-05-26

    • Migration in preparation for WUA KB Rules.

    SCHME: v1.14.1 2020-04-29

    • Apply type property to Windows Update entries.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.12 2020-04-29

    • Fix issue with resolving of inspection scope.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.11 2020-04-23

    • Enable collection of file data for .sys files to support driver detection.
    • Enable collection of Windows Update data in full inspections.
    • Update inspection rules with new agent configuration values.
    • Enable per-user inspection rules via account settings. This is currently only configurable by SecTeer Support.
    • Update dependences after audit.
    • Miscellaneous other minor improvements.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.10 2020-04-03

    • Fix issue with auto-grouping agents after installation.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.9 2020-04-03

    • Fix issue with agent counts for customers with sites.
    • Allow personal credentials to be deleted.
    • Fix issue with deleting credentials in corporate accounts.
    • Fix issue with determining inspection scope.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.8 2020-03-30

    • Fix issue in approving and rejecting new agents in the Personal VulnDetect.
    • Add initial backend support for per-user customization of inspection rules.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.7 2020-03-26

    • Resolve username to site-account where applicable in admin endpoints.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.6 2020-03-25

    • Fix issue with sending support messages.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.5 2020-03-25

    • Fix minor issue.

    SCHME: v1.14.0 2020-03-23

    • Create tables and models to start collecting Windows Update information. This works best with agents >=, since those collect a lot more information from Windows Update.
    • Fix issue where kept tasks were marked as failed during post-package inspections. Tasks should only be marked as failed if they are moved to events.
    • Update to support site-permissions in relevant models.
    • Update dependencies after audit.

    Corporate: v1.7.2 2020-03-19

    • Fix regression which caused incorrect initial sorting in Package Activity page.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.4 2020-03-19

    • Add admin endpoints to manage site-user permissions.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.3 2020-03-19

    • Remove the ability to delete the initial account credentials as a way of promoting that account to a site.
    • Reassign user activity entries along with the initial account credentials when promoting that account to a site.
    • Start using the Administer site-permissions when doing site management.

    Corporate: v1.7.1 2020-03-18

    • Add User Activity page, which is only visible to users with the right permission set.
    • Hide buttons in all pages if the user doesn't have permission to make changes. The only buttons that are always visible are the ones related the user's own account, i.e. change password and enable/disable multifactor authentication.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.2 2020-03-18

    • Implement user activity logging of login, logout and write activities for corporate users.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.1 2020-03-18

    • CSDB Migration.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.9.0 2020-03-15

    • Add support for sites to allow multiple users in corporate accounts.
    • Add support for user permissions in corporate accounts/site accounts.
    • Add a lot of tests for sites and permissions.
    • Work on renaming the generic 'uuid' property in various models to a more specific name, in particular, 'accountUuid' in account models. Some models still retain the 'uuid' property, to be worked on later.
    • Update various dependencies after audit.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.8.1 2020-03-02

    • Filter out uninteresting package activities.

    SCHME: v1.13.1 2020-03-02

    • Test pending pacakges for success/fail detection, since the software may have been updated externally and we don't want to show those as 'failed'.
    • Additional tweaks to the package success/fail detection.

    Corporate: v1.7.0 2020-02-25

    • Add support for configuring two-factor authentication in the Configuration page.
    • Add group information to heading of views that show applications for a single host.
    • Minor changes to text and styles to improve consistency across pages.
    • Allow modal dialogs in the Groups page to grow larger.

    VulnDetct login: v1.0.0 2020-02-25

    • Add support for two-factor authentication.
    • Add support for different header color between different deployment environments.
    • Update CoreUI Pro React framework to version 2.6.0, with cascading updates to most dependencies

    VulnDetect backend: v1.8.0 2020-02-25

    • Add support for two-factor authentication.
    • Add group information to endpoint queries for application hosts.
    • Work on internal tools to help with managing migrations.
    • Fix miscellaneous minor issues.

    Corporate: v1.6.9 2020-02-17

    • Allow the Group modal dialog in the Hosts page to grow larger.
    • Add a tooltip to columns in the Group modal dialog in the Hosts page that shows the full content, in case it is truncated in the columns.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.13 2020-02-17

    • Fix issue with internal tool.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.12 2020-02-17

    • Fix incorrect count of Out-of-Date approvals in Corporate Dashboard.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.11 2020-02-12

    • Improve internal maintenance tools with respect to managing CSDB migrations.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.10 2020-02-12

    • Add the capability to restore deleted customers, currently only available in our internal maintenance tools.

    Corporate: v1.6.8 2020-02-11

    • Add support for App Restart Required state in package activities.
    • Update year in copyright message.

    SCHME: v1.13.0 2020-02-11

    • Add support for transient update files and reboot/restart suggestions in bundles. Rework the update success/fail detection significantly.
    • Add package results by agent.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.9 2020-02-11

    • Enable customer auto-grouping by default so grouping installer options work by default.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.8 2020-02-11

    • Add support for Reboot Required and App Restart Required statuses for package activities.
    • Update internal tools to support new statuses, and host license counts.

    Corporate: v1.6.7 2020-01-31

    • Show used host licenses in the Configuration page.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.7 2020-01-31

    • Add note field to customer information in admin interface.
    • Refactor models for customer settings, and add a host license count.
    • Send the active agent count in the corporate configuration api response to allow showing the used licenses in the Configuration page.

    Corporate: v1.6.6 2020-01-30

    • Widen the Update Activity State column so it can contain the 'Reboot Required' state.

    Corporate: v1.6.5 2020-01-30

    • Fix issue with sorting on State in the Package Activity page.

    Corporate: v1.6.4 2020-01-30

    • Fix issue with sorting on State in the Package Activity page.
    • Add selection cycle checkbox in the Approvals page after fixing regression in it.

    Corporate: v1.6.3 2020-01-29

    • Fix incorrect status on Package Activities in some cases.

    Corporate: v1.6.2 2020-01-29

    • Fix issue in manual solution field in the expanded Host section.
    • Improve the formatting of Package Activities.

    Corporate: v1.6.1 2020-01-29

    • Add links to MSI installer to Configuration page.
    • Add indication of pending manual inspection to Hosts page.
    • Add link to the technical guide in the Support page.
    • Fix regression in Approvals page.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.6 2020-01-29

    • Tweak choco output parsing results a bit to improve categorization.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.5 2020-01-29

    • Add install token list to configuration endpoint response. Add pending 'inspect now' indication to hosts endpoint response.

    Corporate: v1.6.0 2020-01-28

    • Add Support page.
    • Add selection column header to Hosts and Approvals pages.
    • Add column filters in most pages.
    • Show current agent version in the Configuration page.
    • Hide the Solution column in Host Application pages. The manual solution is still shown in the expanded section.

    SCHME: v1.12.8 2020-01-28

    • Set new-style update task handling by default, with option to prefer old-style process per account.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.4 2020-01-28

    • Update to support UI changes for a new Support page and an updated Configuration page.

    SCHME: v1.12.7 2020-01-23

    • Add support for restricted channels.

    SCHME: v1.12.6 2020-01-20

    • Fix issue with inspection processing.
    • Use timestamps from the inspection progress report as the server time for the inspection, if possible.

    SCHME: v1.12.5 2020-01-20

    • Tweak the inspection processing to better handle package tasks.

    SCHME: v1.12.4 2020-01-20

    • Update libraries to fix issue with task model that caused it to lose a property when loaded from the database.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.3 2020-01-17

    • Fix issue with choco output parsing.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.2 2020-01-16

    • Improve choco output parsing.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.1 2020-01-16

    • Fix issues with choco output parsing.
    • Enhance internal tools to improve investigation of choco output.

    SCHME: v1.12.3 2020-01-16

    • Fix issue with system boot time detection.

    SCHME: v1.12.2 2020-01-16

    • Fix issue with system boot time detection.

    SCHME: v1.12.1 2020-01-15

    • Fix incorrect test which caused the special account flag to not be detected.

    SCHME: v1.12.0 2020-01-15

    • Treat tasks differently when processing inspections, allowing tasks and events to be looked at as package activities. Currently, this is only enabled for accounts with a special flag set.

    Corporate: v1.5.0 2020-01-15

    • Update Patching - Activity page to support Package Activities, in addition to Update Events, and set the endpoint for it to the new package activity endpoint.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.7.0 2020-01-15

    • Introduce Package Activites as an alternate view into updates and update events. Currently, this is only enabled for accounts with a special flag set.
    • Parse the output of choco in package tasks to determine if they succeeded or failed.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    Pre-2020 release history (due to post length limitation).

    SCHME: v1.11.2 2019-12-18

    • Allow settings product name and title from ops.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.6.2 2019-12-11

    • Improve error handling in the admin part to allow for better error messages in the admin UI.
    • Pass inspection scope to SCHME.
    • Minor bugfixes.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.6.1 2019-12-10

    • Improve CAM account permission testing when accessing customer information.
    • Fix issue with deleting customers.
    • Refactoring of the login and registration code.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.6.0 2019-12-06

    • Add a permissions system for SPID and CAM accounts and CAM groups to allow for a role-based permission system when accessing customer information.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.5.1 2019-11-25

    • Add capability to define a default group for new agents, to automatically group them by setting installer options and by associating an install-token with a group.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.5.0 2019-11-19

    • Update authentication and session handling to improve isolation and allow simultaneous logins to different services, and potentially the same services across different server instances (prod, test, dev').
    • Remove some dependencies that were made redundant.

    SCHME: v1.11.1 2019-11-19

    • Post-package inspections should not create new package upgrade tasks.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.4.1 2019-11-11

    • Fix issue with agent taks reporting.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.4.0 2019-11-11

    • Add support for targeted inspections and dynamically generated inspection rules.
    • Add support for task priorities and exclusive tasks.
    • Miscellaneous refactoring changes.
    • Miscellaneous enhancements to internal maintenance tools.
    • Update dependencies after audit.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.3.3 2019-10-18

    • Minor update to internal maintenance tools.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.3.2 2019-10-16

    • Add support for agent diagnostic tasks.
    • Update inspection rules with log verbosity and new registry rules.
    • Show applications matched by testing and internal rules in the UI where appropriate.
    • Minor updates to internal maintenance tools.

    SCHME: v1.10.2 2019-10-16

    • Insert results into CSDB in chunks to avoid database errors with too many placeholders.
    • Log retries due to database deadlocks.
    • In package results, relate install-provider tasks to choco, rather than the package being installed.

    Personal: v0.13.0 2019-10-14

    • Miscellaneous minor improvements.
    • Update dependencies after audit.

    Corporate: v1.4.0 2019-10-14

    • Miscellaneous minor enhancements.
    • Update dependencies after audit.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.3.1 2019-10-14

    • Fix issue in agent api.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.3.0 2019-10-14

    • Add better processing of computer names from agent in order to automatically group agents according to Active Directory groups.
    • CSDB Migration related to computer names and automatically grouping agents.

    SCHME: v1.10.1 2019-10-14

    • Fix crash in schme on invalid Vpf-Approvals.

    SCHME: v1.10.0 2019-10-14

    • Update to support agent name related csdb migration in CARMA.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.2.7 2019-10-01

    • Create task database entries required for report generation for new customers.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.2.6 2019-09-30

    • Turn on report generation by default for new customers.

    SCHME: v1.9.4 2019-09-27

    • Fix issue with the 'testing' account setting not applying correctly.
    • Add resultUuid to application result to link them to specific inspection processings, and to link update tasks to inspections.
    • Remove unused caching mechanism which isn't compatible with node 12.
    • Fix tests to work in both node 8 and 12.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.2.5 2019-09-19

    • Fix incorrect count of updates in dashboard.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.2.4 2019-09-17

    • Fix minor issue with internal tool.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.2.3 2019-09-17

    • Minor Wuzhi-related changes to maintenance tools.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.2.2 2019-09-12

    • Replace customer demo mode with trial mode.
    • Add migration for Wuzhi release.
    • Update internal maintenance tool to perform tasks related to Wuzhi.
    • Update internal libraries.
    • Miscellaneous minor fixes.
    • Miscellaneous updates to development environment and coding style.

    SCHME: v1.9.3 2019-09-12

    • Miscellaneous minor fixes.
    • Miscellaneous updates to development environment and coding style.
    • Update internal libraries.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.2.1 2019-08-20

    • Hide applications flagged as libraries in the corporate application results.

    SCHME: v1.9.2 2019-08-20

    • Fix issue which caused update tasks to be created even when the update was not required.

    SCHME: v1.9.1 2019-08-20

    • Fix issue which caused updates to apply even when marked as not required.
    • Update dependencies after audit.

    SCHME: v1.9.0 2019-08-20

    • Add support for the library flag and regression flag in vpfs.
    • Implement the ..* operator in path matching bundle specifications.
    • Change the ** operator to match 0 or more directories in path matching bundle specifications.
    • Add a notification queue to rabbitMQ to send notifications about matches.
    • Send notification about inspections with applications that are libraries but not bundled.

    SCHME: v1.8.0 2019-08-12

    • Add special schme mode for big inspections.

    SCHME: v1.7.3 2019-08-09

    • Fix duplicate-file issue with mongoDB-to-S3 tool.

    SCHME: v1.7.2 2019-08-09

    • Add tool to copy inspection data from mongoDB to S3.

    SCHME: v1.7.1 2019-08-08

    • Fix issue with auto-approved tasks not superseding existing unapproved tasks.

    SCHME: v1.7.0 2019-08-08

    • Add support for fetching inspections from s3, via the fileService.
    • Expand the relevant database field to support the s3 path.
    • Sort channel ids when inserting into channel-agent-xref table to try to avoid deadlocks.
    • Add code to retry certain transactions that fail due to deadlock detection.
    • Add --trace-warnings flag to node command-line to better locate unhandled promise rejections.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.2.0 2019-08-08

    • Add support for using S3 file service as a data storage to pass large amounts of data between services.
    • Update dependencies after audit.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.1.3 2019-07-18

    • Fix issue with reporting tasks to the Schme

    VulnDetect backend: v1.1.2 2019-07-18

    • Add ability to send messages to the Schme through the cli-tool.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.1.1 2019-07-17

    • Fix minor issue with logging package task results.

    SCHME: v1.6.13 2019-07-17

    • Add message and error properties to choco output tables.

    SCHME: v1.6.12 2019-07-16

    • Add pkg_* tables to record choco package results,
    • Report package results in the CR and receive reports in messages from Carma.

    Corporate: v1.3.0 2019-07-16

    • Implement Hosts Trash to allow two-step deletion of hosts. Hosts are moved to the trash in the Hosts page, and the trash itself is shown and managed in the Configuration page.
    • Replace the two check-in columns in the Hosts page with a single status icon column.
    • Join the two Move-to-Group buttons in the Hosts page and instead split the modal group dialog into two tabs.
    • Update dependencies after audit.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.1.0 2019-07-16

    • Add endpoints to enable, disable and delete multiple agents, to support the Hosts Trash in the UI.
    • Send list of disabled hosts with configuration to suppor the Hosts Trash in the UI.
    • Disable demo mode by default for new customers.
    • Report upgrade package task results to the Schme.
    • Add the ability to erase group approvals to the internal management tools.

    Corporate: v1.2.6 2019-07-10

    • Fix issue with csv export in Patching Activity page when filters were active.

    Corporate: v1.2.5 2019-07-10

    • Add support for automatic approvals.
    • Add csv export button to Patching Activity page.

    SCHME: v1.6.11 2019-07-10

    • Add support for automatic approvals.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.24 2019-07-10

    • Add support for automatic approvals.

    SCHME: v1.6.11 2019-07-10

    • Add support for automatic approvals.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.24 2019-07-10

    • Add support for automatic approvals.

    Corporate: v1.2.6 2019-07-10

    • Fix issue with csv export in Patching Activity page when filters were active.

    Corporate: v1.2.5 2019-07-10

    • Add support for automatic approvals.
    • Add csv export button to Patching Activity page.

    Personal: v0.12.0 2019-06-17

    • Add 'Inspect Now' button to the Applications page.
    • Add row expansion indicator to the Applications page.
    • Add icon to indicate which applications have bundled other applications.
    • Add icons to all buttons and consolidate their appearance.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.23 2019-06-17

    • Add 'Inspect Now' endpoint for personal users.
    • Minor updates to internal maintenance tools.
    • Fix tests.

    SCHME: v1.6.10 2019-06-13

    • Avoid circular bundle relationships.
    • Add architecture bundle tests, and a flag to allow skipping the self-test for a bundle specification.
    • Extend internal comment field on file entries.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.22 2019-06-12

    • Fix regression in Activity endpoints.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.21 2019-06-11

    • Add endpoints to enable 'Inspect Now' functionality.
    • Filter out uninteresting activity events by default, to make the Activity page in the corporate UI more useful.
    • Miscellaneous enhancements to internal support and maintenance tools.
    • Update dependencies after audit.

    SCHME: v1.6.9 2019-06-03

    • Fix issue with the handling of tasks and events when agents are disabled or deleted.
    • Change bundling path specification so that .\ or ..\ is required for specifying relative paths. This allows wildcards to be used at the front of the path spec to match any drive.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.20 2019-05-28

    • Add owner and status fields to customer model and export those through the admin endpoints.
    • Implement the (soft) deletion of customers through admin endpoints, and add this to the cli-tool.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.19 2019-05-27

    • Add support for installing agents using install-tokens.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.18 2019-05-16

    • Revert chocolatey back to version 0.10.13, since that wasn't the issue with the agents.
    • Tweak cli support tool.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.17 2019-05-15

    • Host chocolatey ourselves to avoid rate-limiting by external servers

    SCHME: v1.6.8 2019-05-14

    • Fix issue with channel evaluation of generic rules.

    SCHME: v1.6.7 2019-05-07

    • Sort results before post-processing for consistency.
    • Add $cmd.softChannel op to make channel ops more useful.
    • Fix various issues with bundle evaluation.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.16 2019-05-01

    • Save task changes with choco output to mongoDB for reference.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.15 2019-04-30

    • Add more capabilities to the internal management tools, including the ability to enable/disable/delete agents.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.14 2019-04-25

    • Miscellaneous feature updates and bug fixes for internal management tools.

    Personal: v0.11.1 2019-04-08

    • Fix formatting issue in expanded product section in Chrome browsers.

    Personal: v0.11.0 2019-04-04

    • Show bundled applications in the expanded section of an application.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.13 2019-04-04

    • Apply 'internal' account setting when filtering applications in the personal applications endpoint.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.12 2019-04-01

    • Fix issue with Activity page.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.11 2019-03-26

    • Support the latest version of chocolatey and update the version that we install to that, choco version 0.10.13.
    • Update include library with changes that instruct the browser to not cache api endpoint responses.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.10 2019-03-21

    • Add support for query parameters in the update events endpoint (patching activity).
    • Cleanup.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.9 2019-03-16

    • Fix regression in some models.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.8 2019-03-15

    • Filter out applications that have the Ignore flag set, which is set for bundled applications that should be ignored.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.7 2019-03-07

    • Add csdb migration with columns for bundling.
    • Fix incorrect format in inspection rule timestamp.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.6 2019-03-01

    • Add registry rules for MS Office 2013.
    • Fix issue which caused agent domain data to not be saved.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.5 2019-02-21

    • Fix issues with fetching and updating group approvals.
    • Add more registry rules for MS Office entries and update the existing ones.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.4 2019-02-19

    • Update registry rule for MS Office entries.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.3 2019-02-18

    • Add registry rule for MS Office entries.
    • Improve logging on agent check-in.
    • Make database connection pooling more configurable.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.2 2019-02-07

    • Update dependencies.
    • Miscellaneous improvements to the admin endpoints.

    Corporate: v1.2.1 2019-01-31

    • Show detected language and architecture in expanded Application, when available.

    Personal: v0.10.2 2018-01-31

    • Show detected language and architecture in expanded Application, when available.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.1 2019-01-31

    • Fix issue with updates not displaying in VulnDetect - Personal.
    • Update email templates in VulnDetect - Corporate.

    Corporate: v1.2.0 2019-01-25

    • Add pages for showing Approvals and managing them.

    VulnDetect backend: v1.0.0 2019-01-25

    • Implement approvals for updates at a group level.

    Corporate: v1.1.0 2019-01-15

    • Add support for creating groups, grouping hosts and viewing applications by group.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.12.0 2019-01-15

    • Implement groups for hosts, group creation, editing, removal and populating with hosts.
    • Implement filtering of various endpoints by group.

    VulnDetect login page: v0.9.5 2018-12-28

    • Improve the registration procedure and password reset pages to avoid dead ends in the UI.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.11.2 2018-12-28

    • Fix issue with the local timezone not being applied when sending agents their next inspection time.
    • Increase the default inspection window from 6 hours to 10 hours.
    • Enable patching by default when creating new corporate accounts.
    • Improvements to internal account management and maintenance tools.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.11.1 2018-12-21

    • Fix issue with approving agents to replace existing agents.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.11.0 2018-12-20

    • Add patching/updating to personal VulnDetect.
    • Miscellaneous improvements to the registration process to make it more straight-forward.
    • Miscellaneous minor improvements.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.10.0 2018-12-20

    • SecTeer VulnDetect - Personal (Beta)
    • Implement Patching in the Personal VulnDetect.
    • Remove the Patching/Updates preview components that were taken from the Corporate VulnDetect.

    Personal: v0.10.1 2018-12-20

    • Update page title from alpha to beta

    VulnDetect backend: v0.10.1 2018-12-05

    • Use axios in command-line admin tool.
    • Fix regression.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.10.0 2018-12-04

    • Fix various minor coding style issues.
    • Update application dependencies to newer versions.
    • Miscellaneous enhancements additions to internal account management and maintenance tools, and to the development environment.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.9.3 2018-11-20

    • Add Updates and Update Events endpoints.

    Personal: v0.9.0 2018-11-20

    • Add Tech Preview of Patching/Updates. The UI part is taken from the Corporate VulnDetect and will be completely redone.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.9.2 2018-11-19

    • Add new task states: Attempting and Skipped.
    • Prune repository submodules.

    Personal: v0.8.7 2018-11-19

    • Hasher library is now an npm package, rather than a submodule.

    SCHME: v1.3.0 2018-11-19

    • Add more complete processing of registry inspection data, allowing it to be used in package task generation.
    • Improve package task generation to use variables exported by ops to configuration packages.
    • Prune submodules from repository.
    • Add table for logging vpf modification events.
    • Fix issue with storing registry inspection data.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.9.1 2018-11-08

    • Fix issue with agent check-ins in demo mode.
    • Create customer-settings data where it is missing, for the admin UI.

    Personal: v0.8.6 2018-11-08

    • Fix issue with Configuration page when user has no agent.
    • Set relevant keywords in the page header.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.9.0 2018-11-07

    • Clean up agent check-in and fix minor issues with check-ins when in demo mode.
    • Add endpoints for admin UI.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.8.1 2018-11-05

    • Send tasks to agent checking in, in demo mode and default settings mode.
    • Cap the number of events sent by the API to 100.

    Personal: v0.8.5 2018-11-05

    • Reject invalid DayOfWeek settings in Configuration page.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.8.0 2018-11-02

    • Create corporate accounts in demo mode.
    • Add support for tasks and events, which are used in the patching part.
    • Various additions to the cli internal management tool.
    • Separate email templates for personal and corporate users.
    • Fix issue with last inspection time.
    • Other miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes.

    Personal: v0.8.4 2018-11-02

    • Fix issue with Hour-of-Day of inspection schedule.
    • Show agent download link if an update is available - #165.

    SCHME: v1.2.0 2018-11-02

    • Add support for pkg definitions in rules, and create tasks from them where appropriate.
    • Add support for events in the CSDB.
    • Miscellaneous small improvements and bugfixes

    VulnDetect backend: v0.7.5 2018-10-17

    • Add single configuration endpoint - #142
    • Add cross corporate/personal security tests - #138
    • Add some querying admin endpoints
    • Add tool for handling CSDB migrations

    Personal: v0.8.3 2018-10-17

    • Fetch configuration page as a single request - #142.
    • Fix issues with agent approval form submission - #77, #80, #86.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.7.4 2018-10-04

    • Add inspection rules with the appropriate API endpoint
    • Change the format of inspection messages to the SCHME to remove credentials

    Personal: v0.8.2 2018-10-04

    • Enlarge logo and add product name to header.
    • Remove buttons from the header that hides the sidebar.
    • Show the full logo when the sidebar is shrunk using the sidebar footer button.

    SCHME: v1.1.5 2018-10-04

    • Update message structure to remove database info from mongoDB and messages.
      Instead, look up the info by agent uuid, which is not potentially sensitive information.
      Also, support messages with missing account and agent uuids, which then won't generate results for customers but are still useful for internal processing.
    • Move schme commands code to shared repo

    VulnDetect backend: v0.7.3 2018-09-28

    • Release optimizations - reduce size of deployed package

    SCHME: v1.1.4 2018-09-28

    • Release optimization - reduce size of deployed package

    VulnDetect backend: v0.7.2 2018-09-25

    • Add Dashboard endpoint for corporate
    • Miscellaneous small changes

    VulnDetect backend: v0.7.1 2018-09-18

    • Add persistent sessions, saved in MongoDB

    Personal: v0.8.1 2018-09-18

    • Refactor code in Applications page, no visible changes.

    SCHME: v1.1.3 2018-09-18

    • Implement proper authentication in MongoDB

    VulnDetect backend: v0.7.0 2018-09-17

    • First release of SecTeer VulnDetect Alpha - Personal

    Personal: v0.8.0 2018-09-11

    • Changed name to SecTeer VulnDetect Alpha.

    SCHME: v1.1.2 2018-08-21

    • Fix missing version in inspection results
    • Rename column in vpf_channels for clarity
    • Move display.vilnReferences to stateRefs.vulnReferences

    SCHME: v1.1.1 2018-08-15

    • Fix issue with vulnStatus in found-apps

    SCHME: v1.1.0 2018-08-14

    • Change vuln-status enumeration values to 'Unknown', 'Ok' and 'Insecure'
    • Add new status flags: Untracked, Prerelease, EoL, Malicious, Suspicious, Testing, Internal, and rearrange them in the flags value
    • Add vpf-channels
    • Add registry lookup expression ops

    SCHME: v1.0.3 2018-06-20

    • Minor changes to reduce memory usage.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.4.2 2018-06-19

    • Fix issue in error handling in carma backend.
    • Add more information fields to found applications.

    SCHME: v1.0.2 2018-06-19

    • Work on vpf products and rules. Implement vpf products with lookups as separate entities. This goes hand-in-hand with SPID work on creating and managing rules.

    SCHME: v1.0.1 2018-05-24

    • Load rules from database, rather than files.
    • Add rule uuid and relevant flags to matched file entries, for SPID curators.

    Personal: v0.7.2 2018-05-18

    • Fix issue which caused the Configuration page to sometimes be blank.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.4.1.2 2018-05-14

    • Add ability to change or reset a user's password. Case #74.

    Personal: v0.7.1.2 2018-05-14

    • Add ability to re-set a forgotten password: 'Forgot password?' link available via the login page. Case #74.
    • Add ability to change a user's password: 'Change password' option available under the Configuration page, for a logged in user. Case #74.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.4.1.1 2018-05-10

    • milestone:"Personal Carma Tech Preview Update 1"
    • Show Application icons in the UI - #73
    • Add ability to expand results row to see more information - #75
    • Add last activity and expected next activity times to UI - #76

    Personal: v0.7.1.1 2018-05-10

    • milestone:"Personal Carma Tech Preview Update 1".
    • Show Application icons in the UI - #73.
    • Add ability to expand results row to see more information - #75.
    • Add last activity and expected next activity times to UI - #76.

    VulnDetect backend: v0.4.1.0 2018-05-08

    • First release of SecTeer Personal Carma

    Personal: v0.7.0.1 2018-05-08

    • First release.

    SCHME: v1.0.0 2018-05-08

    • First release of SecTeer Personal Carma, with functional SCHME

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