Configuration Web Site Says "No agent installed" After Installing Agent

  • Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Create a new account on
    2. Go to the Configuration page using IE11
    3. Download the agent
    4. Install the agent.
    5. Return to the web browser window from step 2.
    6. Press F5 or refresh the page

    Expected Outcome:
    Way to review the newly installed agent and add it

    Actual outcome:
    "No agent installed. Click here to download and install the agent."

    Use Firefox

    System Details:

    • Windows 7 SP1
    • IE11
    • EN-US
    • 101% zoom (DPI)

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    @zian There is some known issues with IE11. This is a new one.

    We will soon launch the "new" product called VulnDetect to replace the CARMA, after that we will start working on the UI quirks.

    Thanks for reporting this.

  • @olli_s IE11 works now that I added the agent with Firefox.

  • Community Moderator

    @Zian OK, thank you for letting us know...
    Does it work now with IE or just with Firefox?

    @Tom do you have any idea what might be the problem here?

  • Does it work with Firefox

    Yes, it works with Firefox.

  • Community Moderator

    @Zian Does it work with Firefox (because you wrote "Workaround" so I suppose it works).

    If it is not working in Firefox did you create an VulnDetect (former: Carma) account while installing the agent?
    One reason might be that the name of the application is currently changing from Carma to VulnDetect and that there are ongoing changes to the systems that might cause the problems.
    Here @Tom can help (I am a normal user like you, so I don't know the details about the server infrastructure and the changes).

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