Origin - Alter Product Name (Adjust to Windows Start Menu)

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    Origin is detected correctly on my system, but the displayed product name should be altered.
    In the application the displayed product name is Origin.
    In VulnDetect the displayed product name is Electronic Arts Origin.
    So you should show the same product name that is shown in the app.

    Tell me if you need a screen shot of the Help -> About window.

    Here the information extracted from the EXE file:

    File name and path:     C:\Users\All Users\Origin\SelfUpdate\Staged\Origin.exe
    Product Name:           Origin
    Internal Name:          Origin
    Original Filename:      Origin.exe
    File Description:       Origin
    Company:                Electronic Arts
    Legal Copyright:        Copyright (C) 2012
    Legal Trademarks:       (c) Electronic Arts 2012.  All rights reserved.
    File Version String:    10,5,29,14153
    File Version: 
    Product Version String: 10,5,29,14153
    Product Version:

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    In the topic Display Product Name in Unique way I suggested to remove the vendor from the product name so the product is displayed is the same way like it is displayed in the Windows 10 Start menu.

    And here Origin is displayed without the vendor name:


    So I suggest we leave this topic opened until you show the column "Vendor" also for Personal Users.

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    This one is again a borderline issue. I believe we have touched this topic a couple of times before.

    Some products, despite being very well know and widely used, have names that are generic. Origin is generic, it is used in many other relations, also within the IT realm.

    Given that a large part of our users are IT-professionals that monitor work PCs it is of value for them to know that this is Electronic Arts Origin, rather than having to spend time on looking it up.

    I do realize that EA intend to market this as "Origin" rather than "Electronic Arts Origin", but we still need to avoid ambiguity. Thus, like with versions, if there is doubt. we'd rather err on the side of too much detail, than too little.

    In short, this won't be changed, unless we decide to show product names in a different way.

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    Please don't forget this very old detection issue!