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  • File name and path:     C:\Users\ad\AppData\Local\Discord\app-0.0.301\Discord.exe
    Product Name:           Discord
    Internal Name:          Discord.exe
    Original Filename:      Discord.exe
    File Description:       Discord
    Company:                Discord Inc.
    Legal Copyright:        Copyright (c) 2017 Discord Inc. All rights reserved.
    Legal Trademarks:       
    File Version String:    0.0.301
    File Version: 
    Product Version String: 0.0.301
    Product Version:
    File name and path:     C:\Users\ad\AppData\Local\Discord\Update.exe
    Product Name:           Update
    Internal Name:          Update.exe
    Original Filename:      Update.exe
    File Description:       Update
    Company:                GitHub
    Legal Copyright:        Copyright © GitHub 2013-2015
    Legal Trademarks:       
    Comments:               Update
    File Version String:
    File Version: 
    Product Version String:
    Product Version:


    Gui Version: NA
    Showing version using this: https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/84njqu/discord_current_version/
    [BUILD INFO] Release Channel: stable, Build Number: 29800, Version Hash: 49ebc1991deb74e88bb74e4ff75fce76cb32a4af


  • VulnDetect Team Member

    @OLLI_S True, see my previous comment. Nothing we can do about that.

  • Community Moderator

    I received an update of Discord but the version number of the EXE is still the same.
    So they really made it hard to get the version info.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    Another interesting case.

    We have to rely on the executable and display that version. The executable loads a UI / JavaScript from their web service. This is what you can see when you do the CTRL+SHIFT+I.

    Generic detection has been added for the binary. Specific Rules will be added later.

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