PSPad - is shown as 5.0 after Update to

  • File name and path:     C:\Program Files\PSPad editor\PSPad.exe
    Product Name:           PSPad editor
    Internal Name:          PSPad editor
    Original Filename:      PSPad.exe
    File Description:       Text editor
    Company:                Jan Fiala
    Legal Copyright:        Jan Fiala (2001)
    Legal Trademarks:       Jan Fiala (2001)
    Comments:               General freeware text editor
    File Version String:
    File Version: 
    Product Version String: 5.0
    Product Version:

    5.0.1 (310)

  • Community Moderator

    For PSPad I see the version number 5.0.1 (312) and this is exactly what is shown in the application.
    So the issue seems to be solved.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    This was because the Specific Rule was missing (I believe it was added on 21st February). The default is that we report the Product Version, this has been changed for PSPad, so we now use File Version Number.
    And whenever we see a new version a Specific Rule will be added and the version will be rewritten to the x.x.x (yyy) format.

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