Apps that support Auto-Update (via VulnDetect)

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    VulnDetect allows to update some apps directly from the list of installed applications (

    If there is a new version available for one of those apps then you will see the the button "Update":


    Simply click the button and VulnDetect will send the new version to your computer after your computer and install it silently (you will not see any installer).
    This is performed after your computer checked in to the VulnDetect servers (this is done periodically every 5 minutes).
    You can also manually check-in using the Toolbox for VulnDetect.

    After the next system scan of VulnDetect you will see the updated version in the list of applications.
    You can also start a system scan manually using the Toolbox for VulnDetect

    Here is a list of apps, that currently support Auto-Update.

    Tools from SecTeer:

    • SecTeer VulnDetect


    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox

    File Tools

    • 7-Zip
    • WinRAR

    Other Tools

    • TeamViewer

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