[Solved] Ahnenblatt - No longer shown after Update to 3.0 (Bug)

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    Some days ago I installed an update for Ahnenblatt (new version 3.0) but VulnDetect does not show it anymore!
    In the Configuration of VulnDetect I see: Last Inspection 36 minutes ago.

    Ahnenblatt left the Beta phase, so the current version is no longer a beta version!

    Here the information extracted from the EXE file:

    File name and path:     C:\Program Files (x86)\Ahnenblatt3\Ahnenblatt.exe
    Product Name:           Ahnenblatt
    Internal Name:          Ahnenblatt
    Original Filename:      Ahnblatt.exe
    File Description:       Ahnenblatt
    Company:                Dirk Böttcher
    Legal Copyright:        (C) Dirk Böttcher 1992-2019
    Legal Trademarks:       
    Comments:               www.ahnenblatt.de / www.ahnenblatt.com
    File Version String:
    File Version: 
    Product Version String: 3.0
    Product Version:

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    OK, I mark the topic as Solved and move it to the category Solved Detection Issues.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    He changed the filename, new filename added, thanks for reporting.

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