[Solved] Crashed update ends with a persistent "Update" icon

  • Hi,

    Once upon a time, I tried to launch update of Skype for desktop thru Vulndetect in a non admin account but as this does not work (See issue as this subject) skype never installed. So I did it by launching skype and using the integrated update mechanism.
    Since this time, I have an "Update" icon there even if I updated Skype to the latest version multiple times.

    Hope this helps.

  • No "Update" icon seen today: fixed.

  • @Tom : I am quite sure I launched an inspection with Olli_S toolbox before updating (to test his new version) and did it also after updating to see the result.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    @GregAlexandre I think we ran into a bit of a race condition, since we released the package for 8.60 today, and I suppose you clicked "Update", prior to doing an inspection.

    All updates are based on the latest inspection, which normally isn't an issue, but it is in the cases where a new version has been released prior to you clicking "Update".

    I have sent a message to the developers and will discuss how to prevent this race condition, where we risk downgrading software.

  • @Tom : used the update feature to update Zoom and Skype.
    Result: Zoom OK
    Skype for desktop: downgraded from 8.60... to 8.59... 😞 ! I upgraded again to 8.60 using skype embedded upgrade feature.

  • @Tom : Skype is at the latest version. I will try for next one.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    The VulnDetect Agent is responsible for running updates, it runs as a Service with LocalSystem privileges, thus approving an update is not related to what user you are currently logged in as.

    I have just reviewed the outputs from running the Skype installer and it appears to be correct.

    I would appreciate if you could click "Update" once more and tell me if it actually does update. It may take a couple of minutes before you can see the result.

    If for some reason it fails, then please send me a chat message with the email address of your account and I shall look at your account specifically and see what issues you have.

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