Sysinternals Tools - Missing Icons

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    I recognized that the following tools from Sysinternals have no app-icon in the list of apps:

    • Sysinternals AccessChk
    • Sysinternals Autologon
    • Sysinternals ClockRes
    • Sysinternals Contig
    • Sysinternals Coreinfo
    • Sysinternals Disk Usage
    • Sysinternals DiskExt
    • Sysinternals FindLinks
    • Sysinternals Handle
    • Sysinternals Hex2dec
    • Sysinternals Junction
    • Sysinternals ListDLLs
    • Sysinternals LiveKd
    • Sysinternals LogonSessions
    • Sysinternals MoveFile
    • Sysinternals NTFSInfo
    • Sysinternals Pendmoves
    • Sysinternals PipeList
    • Sysinternals ProcDump
    • Sysinternals PsExec
    • Sysinternals PsFile
    • Sysinternals PsGetSid
    • Sysinternals PsInfo
    • Sysinternals PsKill
    • Sysinternals PsList
    • Sysinternals PsLoggedon
    • Sysinternals PsLogList
    • Sysinternals PsPasswd
    • Sysinternals PsPing
    • Sysinternals PsService
    • Sysinternals PsShutdown
    • Sysinternals PsSuspend
    • Sysinternals RegDelNull
    • Sysinternals Registry Usage
    • Sysinternals Regjump
    • Sysinternals SDelete
    • Sysinternals Sigcheck
    • Sysinternals Streams
    • Sysinternals Strings
    • Sysinternals Sync
    • Sysinternals Sysmon
    • Sysinternals VolumeID
    • Sysinternals Whois

    In WSCC many of them (but not all of them) have the Command-Shell icon:


    In the Windows 10 Explorer they have the "Application" icon:


    If you start one of these apps, a command window is opened and immediately closed:


    So I suggest that we use the Command-Shell icon that can be found in %windir%\system32\cmd.exe


    In the Toolbox for VulnDetect this icon looks fantastic (you can read the command C:\ _ )


    And this is exactly the same icon, that you see in WSCC.

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    Here is the icon that is used in the Windows 10 Explorer (if you need it):


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