Unique display of missing version information

  • Community Moderator

    At the moment there are multiple ways how missing version information are shown:

    • Text
    • Text ?
    • Text Unknown

    There should be one unique way how missing version information should be displayed.

  • Community Moderator

    This feature is not fully implemented

    Today I saw that you still have two different texts for missing version information (both in the same product):

    • Unknown, please report
    • Please report version


    @Tom I merged both topics (we had one in "Bugs" and removed the "Implemented" from the title.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    I agree, and it has been changed. Just ping me if there is inconsistencies for other products

  • Community Moderator

    I have two applications where VulnDetect asks me to report the correct version number:

    • Arc Client (here the version number is Please report version)
    • Xinorbis (here the version number is Unknown, please report)

    In my opinion these two texts should be unique.
    You should show for both files the version number Unknown, please report.

  • Community Moderator

    I recognized you display a "?" for missing version information, so this feature seems to be implemented.

  • I believe we are consistent int VulnDetect with this now (from a coding perspective).

    There may be a few Rules left with wrong version information, but these are fixed as we see them or it is reported here on the forum.

    I believe we should close this.

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