[Work in progress] Hide bundled applications

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    Some applications come bundled within other applications.
    For example: 7-Zip that is found 4 times on my system:

    • 3 times in the folder of the NVIDIA drivers and NVIDIA GeForce Experience
    • 1 times in the folder of StarCitizen

    For these versions of 7-Zip are not listed in the list of installed applications in the Windows 10 Settings.

    These versions are updated by the bundled product, the user must not update these instances manually.
    The problem is that VulnDetect offers download links also for these installations.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    Finally, we are getting ready to launch this new feature. We have run the first tests in the test environment and are ready to update the backend either tomorrow or Monday.

    The first iteration will hide (disregard) the bundled apps.

    However, we expect to make an update for the UI very soon, that will allow you to view the hidden bundled applications.

    Please, do start to report bundled applications, in most cases, all we need is a copy of the path of e.g. Java, Flash, curl or whatever program that is part of another parent installation.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    We will not hide them completely, but they will be reported more subtle and in a way where only experts would want to spend that extra click or two to get the details.

    While this is work in progress, then it is not something you should expect very soon.

  • I would like to now about those applications. Experts like me often update those packages as a workaround, if the "main" application does not do it (e.g. the main application is eol).

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    Yes, I perfectly agree. That is work in progress and once the tech has been implemented then we will start reviewing all the cases. I'll let you know, and then we need those reported as well.