Filter Applications

  • Community Moderator

    Please add a search field at top of the list of applications that filters the list while the user is typing text (only entries matching the search criteria are shown).
    When I type "Fi" then "Firefox" and "Filezilla" are shown.
    When I then add an "r" then only "Firefox" is shown.

    If filtering while typing is not possible (or is very slow) then the user enters his criteria and presses a filter button or the enter key.

    For filtering all visible columns should be considered.
    So when I search for "Mozilla" and the column "Company" is visible, then all products from Mozilla are shown.
    This is a feature I really miss in other update managers.

    If you plan to add multiple computers to one account then all list of applications (from all computers) should be shown at one page (one table for each computer).
    The filter should work for all computers (so I can see all Mozilla products on all my computers).