Recommend Deletion of Unsafe Installers

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    Sometimes applications update themselves but leave old and unsafe versions on the system.
    For example Opera, that is found 3 times on my VM:

    1) C:\Program Files\Opera\54.0.2952.41\opera.exe (Version 54.0.2952.41)
    2) C:\Windows\Temp\opera autoupdate\CProgram Files (x86)Opera\6916_14204\opera.exe (Version 54.0.2952.41)
    3) C:\Users\olive\AppData\Local\Temp\Opera Installer\opera_installer_20180704204227\opera.exe (Version 35.0.2066.37)

    Folder 1) ist where Opera is installed to
    Folders 2) and 3) are download folders that should be ignored (number 3) is totally out-dated and insecure).

    So please add the following actions in the list of applications:

    • Delete File (users can delete the unsafe installer)
    • Delete Folder (users can delete the whole folder of the unsafe installer)

    For normal users it could be hard to estimate if these files and folders can safely be deleted.
    So VulnDetect should suggest to remove these old installers.
    Here a information should be shown that this is just an old installer and will not uninstall the product itself.

    If users select "Yes" then VulnDetect deletes the old installers.
    Here VulnDetect knows if only the installer file or the whole folder should be deleted.

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