[Added] GetAppDetails for VulnDetect - App-Request

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    Name of the app:

    • GetAppDetails for VulnDetect

    File Path:

    • C:\Users\OLLI\OneDrive\GetAppDetails\GetAppDetails.exe


    • Oliver Sahr


    • n/a

    Download Site:

    App-Icon: in ICO format



    • The icon is available in 32 x 32 pixel
    • We have to think about a website and a download site (I have an own domain but without content)

    How do you get informed about new versions?

    When I am programming I have compiled EXE files here:

    • D:\Lazarus\GetAppDetails\GetAppDetails.exe
    • D:\Lazarus\GetAppDetails\GetAppDetails_Debug.exe

    VulnDetect must not use these files, this are development builds (no releases).
    Please use only the files in the folder C:\Users\OLLI\OneDrive\GetAppDetails

    But I think that I can inform you when I release a new version.
    Because the file will not change very often after all features are implemented.

    So tell me what way you prefer.

    Information from the EXE file

    File name and path: C:\Users\OLLI\OneDrive\GetAppDetails\GetAppDetails.exe
    Product Name:       GetAppDetails for VulnDetect
    Internal Name:      GetAppDetails
    Original Filename:  GetAppDetails.exe
    File Description:   Get various Details and the App-Icon from applications
    Company:            Oliver Sahr
    Legal Copyright:    Copyright © 2018 Oliver Sahr
    Legal Trademarks:   
    Comments:           I want to improve VulnDetect, so I coded this app :-)
    File Version:
    Product Version:

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    Cool, new name is shown

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    @olli_s Got it

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    I saw that you detect the current version (version
    But the name of the app is still wrong, please rename it to GetAppDetails for VulnDetect.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    @olli_s Certainly, it won't detect those filename.

    We would like to see the source 🙂

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    Now GetAppDetails is detected twice on my system:

    • C:\Users\OLLI\OneDrive\GetAppDetails\GetAppDetails.exe (Version
    • D:\Lazarus\GetAppDetails\GetAppDetails.exe (Version ?)

    In D:\Lazarus this is the version I am currently working on and this should not be detected.
    I have a solution: I tell the compiler to name the file GetAppDetails_Release.exe so it will not be scanned by VulnDetect.
    And when I release a new version, I copy it to C:\Users\OLLI\OneDrive\GetAppDetails\ and then rename it.

    So please do not add:

    • D:\Lazarus\GetAppDetails\ GetAppDetails_Debug.exe
    • D:\Lazarus\GetAppDetails\ GetAppDetails_Release.exe

    Please rename the app in the list of detected apps from GetAppDetails to GetAppDetails for VulnDetect.
    This is the official name.
    @Tom Tell me if you want to have the source code.

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    So will VulnDetect handle the same exe in different folders only by ignoring folders?
    Means: while I am programming every user of GetAppDetails get the info that a new version is available although this are only internal builds?
    How should we handle this at the moment?

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    Thank you. We've added Generic detection of this, specific rules will soon be added, so version info is displayed correctly.

    Right now, we do not offer a way to ignore folders, but that is a planned feature, because we know how annoying it can be for developers to get reports on all their builds. However, that is a per user feature, not one we will enforce from our side.

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