Consider ESR Versions

  • Community Moderator

    Some applications have special versions that are especially for business users.
    These applications skip some major releases so in comparison to consumer versions they have different version numbers.

    For example: Mozilla Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release)
    I am not sure if Google Chrome for enterprise also skips some updates.

    You have to make sure that these versions are detected correctly and that the available versions are also shown correctly.

    The best way would be to have two separate products:

    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Mozilla Firefox ESR

    This should be the easiest solution.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    The short answer is that we have to.
    The bit longer is that the agent should be able to handle this in almost all cases, so it is mostly a question of the rules. However, the first iteration of the rules will not be able to handle this correctly.

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