Column "Last Used" (Clean-Up installed Apps)

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    On my PC and in m VM I have many apps installed.
    Some of them I use very often, some of them I use seldom (not very often) and some of them I have not used for a longer time.

    It would be useful to have an Optional Column called "Last Used" in the list of applications where I see when I last used the application.
    This column has values like:

    • Today
    • <number> days ago
    • <number> weeks ago
    • <number> months ago
    • Never

    So I can think about uninstalling some of these seldom used apps (less apps means also less possible vulnerabilities, more free disk space and more performance).

    I don't know if Windows provides information how often an app is used or when an app was used last time.
    If this information is provided by Windows then it would be an easy to implement feature.

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    @Tom: Glad that you like my idea.
    If you plan to implement it in the far future then I will move my posting and your reply to a separate topic in Suggestions.

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    @olli_s The usage frequency / history stats would be great indeed. But I think this is beyond the immediate scope of the VulnDetect, however, some of the ideas we have for the very long roadmap would actually allow us to provide that information, but right now, that is years away....