New Status "Under Review"

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    Please add the status Under Review.

    When I install updates on my PC and VulnDetect scans my system, then the version number ? is shown for some applications.
    For these apps some more work needs to be done from your side before the correct version is shown.
    These apps should have a special status like Under Review.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    @OLLI_S This is not exactly what you suggested, but there should be some overlap.

    In the VulnDetect we have added a new feature which allows us to "flag" Rules, Channels or Products.

    One of these flags is "Testing". Just to show the concept I've added the "Testing" flag to SecTeer CARMA - the EoL one. If you expand the row you can see that this is "Testing".

    "Testing" Rules are currently shown for all users, but the idea is to make this configurable.

    As we go through the rules we will add this flag to Rules / Products that we don't detect correctly yet.

    This is different from the "Untracked" flag that you unfortunately will see for products such as Opera and Vivaldi who don't release consistent security bulletins.

    The "Testing" flag is currently being, well, tested, so we may change the concept slightly at some point, but basically this is similar to "Under Review".

    So this is not a replacement for the "?", which indicates that we need to add a Specific Rule, because we for some reason don't extract a correct version number automatically.

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    I thought about it, i prefer Under Review (because Unconfirmed may cause new forum postings where Under Review tells the user that you are working on it).

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    @olli_s Yes, this is something we will have to reconsider in general, very soon.

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