[Solved] CutePDF Professional - App-Request

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    Name of the app:

    • CutePDF Professional


    • Acro Software Inc.


    Download Site:

    Version number displayed in the app:

    • In the application I do not see any version number (not in the application title bar, not in Help -> About)
    • The installer tells me the version number 3.73
    • In the list of installed application in Windows 10 the displayed version is

    App-Icon: (in ICO format)



    • The Desktop link is called CutePDF Pro (Evaluation), also the file path and the file name contain the Evaluation.
    • The icon is available in 32 x 32 pixel

    Here the information extracted from the EXE file:

    File name and path:     C:\Program Files (x86)\Acro Software\CutePDF Pro Evaluation\CutePDFE.exe
    Product Name:           CutePDF Professional
    Internal Name:          
    Original Filename:      CutePDF.EXE
    File Description:       CutePDF Professional
    Company:                Acro Software Inc.
    Legal Copyright:        Copyright © 2017 by Acro Software Inc., All Rights Reserved
    Legal Trademarks:       CutePDF
    File Version String:    3, 7, 3, 4
    File Version: 
    Product Version String: 3, 7, 3, 1
    Product Version:

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    CutePDF Professional is detected by VulnDetect and the version number is also correct.
    Issue solved!

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    An Internal Rule has been added. Specific Rules will be added as we detect CutePDF and then the Rule will be made active.

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