Column "Available Minor Version"

  • Community Moderator

    Please add the column "Available Minor Version".
    In this column you show if there is a new minor version available.
    This is not an optional column it should always be visible.

    This is needed for applications where you have to pay for the new major version.
    I have for example version 15.0 of an application and the current major version is 16.0, but I am not going to buy the new version.
    But it would be important to know if there is an minor update available (for example from 15.0 to 15.1) because this update is for free.

    I have some applications that release a new major version every year and where I skip one or two major versions.
    For example "Adobe Photoshop Elements" or "Adobe Premiere Elements".
    But also "Microsoft Office" (not Office 365) would also be a good example.