Additional Status for Update Available

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    In the list of applications I often see the status "OK" but when I expand the entry then I see that VulnDetect recommends a newer version of this app.
    So for many apps there is an update available but I don't see this in VulnDetect because by default all entries are collapsed and you show the Status "OK".

    For users the status "OK" is confusing because it implies that everything is OK (secure and also Up-To-Date).
    There is no separate visual indicator for "Up-To-Date" and "Update available".
    So please add an additional status that shows if an application is Up-to-date or if there is an Update available.

    You should also rename the status "OK" to "No known vulnerabilities" (maybe you find something shorter like "Probably Secure").
    I know that "Secure" is not correct because there might be unknown vulnerabilities.

    This way you can show if an application has vulnerabilities and if it is Up-To-Date.

  • I also miss an indicator that there is a new version available (status is OK but there is a newer recommended versions available).



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    In the suggestion List of Applications - Improved UI I made a suggestion for a improved user interface that also includes the label Update Available.
    If you like the new UI, please upvote it.

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    I think you need a new orange label "Update" or "Update available" in addition to the existing labels like "OK" or "Insecure".

  • Community Moderator

    Important is to see that there is an update available.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    I agree that we need something additional to indicate that an app is not at the "Recommended" version, but I don't think we will change the OK.
    There can be a ton of reasons why people want to stick with an old version, and we don't want to push them away from an old version, as long as it isn't "Insecure" or "EoL". So we want to tread carefully here.

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