Two factor authentication

  • I actually wanted to answer this topic:, but wasn't able to. Probably because this thread is somehow in Announcements!?

    Anyway, my answer: I really don't like this architecture. From a security point of view, it is extremely valuable data to have a list of security vulnerabilities of a (or better said: of MANY) concrete targets. It would be way more secure to have all the data stay on the clients.

    Anyway, since I don't know a good alternative, I'll stay with VulnDetect for now. In order to protect my account as good as possible, I would like to see two factor authentication being implemented to the website. Shouldn't be a big issue since libraries for HOTP/TOTP are publicly available.


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    A Two Factor Authentication is really a cool idea, thank you for suggesting this!
    This would be the reason to upgrade Bitwarden (Open-Source Password-Manager) to the Pro version, because there I can manage 2FA tokens.

    I linked it in the Overview of Feature and Functionality Requests.