Different Views in the List of Applications

  • Community Moderator

    The list of application is currently sorted by security state (Insecure and OK).
    It would be cool to have different views in the List of Applications that are shown as tabs.

    For example:

    • Security State (one group for insecure apps, one for secure apps, see also List of Applications - Improved UI)
    • Alphabetical List (list is sorted alphabetically)
    • Update Status (one group with apps where updates are available and one group with apps, that are up-to-date)
    • Application Type (one group for applications, one group for games, game launchers and gaming tools)
    • List of changes (one group with apps that were changed, see Show Changes over time and one group with apps that were not changed)

    There might be more ideas, so please post them here.

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