Update List of Applications after Update immediately

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    VulnDetect offers for some apps (like VulnDetect or Firefox) an update mechanism where I can update the app directly from the list of applications with just one mouse click.

    Today I clicked the button "Update" behind "Mozilla Firefox" and VulnDetect started updating Firefox.
    In the List of Applications the following info was shown:


    But the status "Updating" is still shown although Firefox was successfully updated:

    [2019-01-02 11:30:58.758+0060] Connecting to server: agent.vulndetect.com
    [2019-01-02 11:30:58.984+0060] Server returned 200 =>
    [2019-01-02 11:30:58.986+0060] Running task firefox 64.0
    [2019-01-02 11:31:30.451+0060] Process completed with status: 0
    [2019-01-02 11:31:30.451+0060] Successfully ran task

    Even when I do a manual check-in and reload the page, then the status is still "Updating".
    Only after a full system scan the status is shown correctly:


    The status should be updated immediately after installing the update!
    Otherwise a wrong status is shown for several hours (because a system scan is performed only once per day).

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    Maybe you show the status Update Complete so users see that the update was successfully completed.
    Show it until the next system scan was performed.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    I agree.

    And this is also planned to be changed.