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    Please add in the list of apps the entry Windows where you show the exact version number of Windows, like:

    • in the column Name you show: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
    • in the column Version you show: Version 1903 (Build 18362.356)

    This information is very useful so users can see the complete build number of Windows.
    And if they have multiple computers, they see at once if one computer has an older windows version.

    Technical Info

    You get all Data from the registry:

    Registry-Path: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
    ProductName:   Windows 10 Pro
    ReleaseId:     1903
    CurrentBuild:  18362
    UBR:           356
    BuildLabEx:    18362.1.amd64fre.19h1_release.190318-1202
    Note:          In the key "BuildLabEx" the text "amd64" indicates a 64-Bit Windows.

    In this entry you group all apps that are related with Windows, like:

    • Adobe Flash Player (Windows Update tells me that there are updates for Flash, so there must be somewhere Flash in Windows)
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Microsoft Silverlight

    Currently OneDrive is bundled with Office, but this is wrong, because it is also available on systems where Office is not installed.

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    If you want to show the version information like I have it above, then you need to concatenate the following values:

    In the column Name you need to concatenate:

    • Text "Microsoft " +
    • Registry Value <ProductName> +
    • Text " 64-Bit" if Registry Value <BuildLabEx> contains "amd64" +

    This will result in Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

    In the column Version you need to concatenate:

    • Text "Version " +
    • Registry Value <ReleaseId> + Text " (Build " +
    • Registry Value <CurrentBuild> + Text "." +
    • Registry Value <UBR> + Text ")"

    This will result in Version 1903 (Build 18362.356)

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