Register Client with other E-Mail without uninstalling

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    When I want to change the associated email address of my VulnDetect installation I have to uninstall VulnDetect and install it with the new email address.

    It would be easier if you add two new command line switches

    • -listmail shows the email address associated with the installation
    • -changemail <email> changes the email address to the new email address

    This way users like me (that are testing VulnDetect) can change the email address without having to reinstall the VulnDetect Client.
    So I could switch between personal and business and test buiuness features and personal features (like bundling).

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    OK, thank you @Tom
    I know that this is a very special feature request, but maybe your devs add such command line switches.

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    Yes, there is one way, but it isn't super easy.

    The thing that decides which account your agent belongs to is the "authToken", you'll find it here:

    You can export this as a .reg file.

    And then uninstall and install again, using your other email address, and then export the registry entry into a new .reg file.

    Then you can change "account", simply by clicking the corresponding .reg file and restarting the service.

    net stop "SecTeer Agent"
    net start "SecTeer Agent"

    Or using "services.msc".

    Remember, this is not supported nor recommended - but it should work.


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    @Tom What about this idea?
    I would like to be able to switch between business UI and personal UI and perform this without having to uninstall the local agent.
    Did you talk to the developers?

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