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    Is it planned that VulnDetect also detects also games that are installed on my system?
    This would be a very cool feature.

    I know that many games are updated by platforms like Steam or GOG.
    But there are many games that run outside these platforms, like:

    • Star Citizen
    • Elite: Dangerous

    But also most MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) have a separate game launcher like

    • Neverwinter
    • The Elder Scrolls Online
    • The Lord of the Rings Online
    • Guild Wars 2
    • Age Of Conan
    • Tera
    • World of Tanks
    • World of Warships
    • ... (many more)

    It would be very useful if VulnDetect also notifies available updates for my installed games (also for my Steam and GOG games).
    So I see in VulnDetect at once what games need an update (without having to start multiple game platforms and game launchers just for checking for available updates)

    And if there are any updates available I can patch the game when I have some free time (like having lunch).
    And when I want to start playing then I don't have to wait until all updates are installed.
    This increases the comfort a lot!

    In the Configuration you should add a checkbox "Show updates for Games" at the new section Scan options (this section is needed for other suggestions).
    This checkbox is checked by default.

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    One important note: many games have a separate launcher that updates the game.
    So there could be updates to the game and also updates to the launcher.
    Both are different processes and they might have different icons.