Show excluded applications in a "Debug-Mode"

  • Community Moderator

    In the rules some applications are detected that are excluded in the list of applications.
    This affects products, that are bundled within an other product.

    For example 7-Zip.
    This application is bundled in some other products (like in GeForce Experience) but in the Windows 10 Settings is not listed in the list of installed applications.

    It would be useful to have a special mode where also these excluded products are shown and also a reason why this product is excluded.
    This is useful when users want to report errors.

    This switch should be in the configuration.
    I think it is not needed to hide this switch, because users can see this information and this is not dangerous for you.
    But I have no problem when you decide to hide it a bit more (so users need some mouse clicks to activate it).

  • Community Moderator

    This increases also the usability and reduces support costs.
    If users see why an specific application is excluded.

    This could also be used when the user has deactivated some elements, like Show updates of Microsoft Products or Show updates for Portable Applications.

    Here you could show a messages like:

    • Not shown because you have deactivated Microsoft products in the Configuration (the link to the configuration increases the usability)
    • Not shown because bundled to NVIDIA GeForce Experience
    • Not shown because detection of games is not fully implemented yet

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    @OLLI_S I agree that it would be a cool feature, how exactly to display this, is another question. But perhaps we will experiment with this next week, when we get support for this sort of context.