Show updates immediately without a Scan (Server-Sided)

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    I recognized that the list of installed applications is only updated after a full system scan.
    This also affects smaller changes like exchanged icons or information about new versions of apps.

    It would be cool when the list is updated as soon as I log in to my account or reload the page.
    Show exchanged icons and updates for my installed apps are shown immediately.
    Of cause you have to show the time stamp of the last scan and show a message that the data shown here is related to the last system scan.

    But this way I just need to log in, see that there are new updates available and can install them ASAP (without having to wait for the next system scan).

    This Server-Side update is required for my suggestion VulnDetecct Agent should notify Available Updates.

    And when I see in the list of apps that the last scan was some days ago I want to Start Full System Scan from the VulnDetect Agent.

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    I am using VulnDetect Business for some months now.
    I added most computers of my family (wife, daughter, brother, girlfriend of brother, Virtual Machine).
    Soon I will add my father.

    My "job" is to support them (they have no high computer skills, especially my father, my brother and this girlfriend).
    So my brother and his girlfriend often call me and ask if their computer is OK (they are used that I call them and tell them to update some applications).
    But they are not often online:


    So here I can not warn them that there are vulnerabilities on their systems (because I have to wait until they turn their computers on.
    It would be very helpful if the list of apps is updated even without a scan.
    So I see available updates and existing vulnerabilities and can actively warn them.

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    @Tom, when you update the information only after a full system scan, then this can lead to situations like this:


    On all 3 machines Microsoft Edge is installed in version 81.0.416.64.
    But ony on one machinge the browser is reported as Insecure.
    Reason: on the machines with the status "OK" the the last scan was performed 1 day ago, on the machine where the status is insecure the last scan was done 4 hours ago.

    So here you show old and invalid information!

    When users see the status "OK" they assume that everything is OK, but there are known vulnderabilities.
    So if they trust VulnDetect they will not start and update Microsoft Edge, because everything is "OK".

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    I love it when my suggestions get implemented...

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    I agree, and something along these lines is in the planning. But I have no ETA for it, yet.

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    Updating the list without a scan is also important for business users or family users.
    When some computers in the company/family were not turned on for some days, it would be interesting to know for the admin what updates are available and what updates are new.
    He can also see what vulnerabilities are new (even when the computer is turned off).

    So the admin can confirm the update and the next time the computer is turned on the update is installed automatically.