Library and easy Installation of popular apps

  • Community Moderator

    VulnDetect already has a database (that is still growing) that includes many popular apps, including the app-icon, the website of the app and the company.
    And you will (hopefully) allow to Download Updates with one click (so users can install available updates with just one mouse click).

    You should combine this two features and offer a library of suggested apps.
    This library should be grouped by categories (like Browsers, Multimedia, Security, Programming, Games, Graphics and Utilities).
    In this library users can install missing apps with a single mouse click.

    Maybe you also remember what apps the user had installed (the list of applications) and when he goes to the library you show installed and missing apps.
    So when a user gets a new PC (or reverts his PC) he can easily see what apps he had installed and what apps are missing.
    These missing apps can be installed with one mouse click.
    All apps that the user had installed, that are not offered in the library and that are not yet installed should also be listed (so users can download and install them manually.

  • Community Moderator

    I also suggested a new tab "Recent Apps" in List of Applications where I see a list of applications that I had installed in the past (so this is a personal list).
    The Library that is suggested here I a common library where users can select any app (a common list where users might have installed some apps).