New tab "Recent Apps" in List of Applications

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    This weekend I am setting up Windows from the ground.
    So this means that I have to print out the list of installed applications from VulnDetect.
    After I have installed Windows I have to download and install each application manually.

    Would be cool to have a tab Recent Apps where all applications are listed, that are currently not installed but that I had installed in the past.
    It should be possible to install applications from this list with a single mouse click.

    So I just download and install VulnDetect an then I can install all other apps from this list with a single mouse click.
    This would be very comfortable!

    This is different to the Library and easy Installation of popular apps.
    In the library I see many apps, also apps that I never had installed before.
    In the tab Recent Apps I just see apps that I had installed before (so this is a personal list).

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