Export List of Applications

  • Community Moderator

    It would be very useful when I can export the list of my applications.
    This allows me to go through all entries and check them (for reporting errors).

    Export to the CSV format would be very useful but maybe you also offer TXT or other formats.

    The export should contain all data that is visible in the list of applications (like the status).
    It should also contain the data that is visible after expanding the entries (like install path or company).
    But in the export this data should be right to the application name and not below the application name (so for each application there is only one line in the export).

    If you allow users to set up the columns that they want to see then this selection should be used in the export.

    But you should also add an option "Export all columns" (and the text "Otherwise only the visible columns are exported") in the Configuration so users can have only some columns displayed and export all columns.