[Solved] Update does not work in non admin account

  • Hi,

    I tried to update VLC thru the web interface using the update button. This did not work. My guess is related to the fact I launched it in a standard account. I hoped the request for an account with admin right that never happened.
    I installed VLC with this same account, I had to give an admin account and installation is OK.
    Hope this helps.

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    OK, then I mark this issue as solved.

  • @OLLI_S : this issue is fixed. I updated some applications without any problem

  • @Tom : Thanks for this long explanation.
    May I suggest that you modify the message "Inspection pending" that disappears when you select the configuration tab by something as "Inspection scheduled". When you do not see anymore something "pending", you expect that it is finished. You have less expectation with something scheduled with no indication of time 🙂 .

    So I will continue to use @OLLI_S toolbox.

    I have nothing to update at this time. I will try again to launch an update with the UI using a non admin account. Long time ago I had that type of problems when I was repackaging installation for distribution and all was perfect till I tested with the agent.

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    @GregAlexandre When you request an inspection, it doesn't happen immediately. What happens is that you send a request to our backend, our backend schedules it for you agent and the next time your agent checks-in it will see that it needs to conduct a scan.
    So when you request things via the UI everything will happen as LocalSystem.

    It is only the OLLI's ToolBox that behaves different, because it interacts directly with the local .exe file.

    With regards to updates, then you are right, LocalSystem does not provide interactive mode and this does cause issue for some installers. We do regularly test workarounds for this, but we did not yet find a good solution that works for all installers that require this.

    Fortunately, most software developers do provide sane installers that work in silent or quiet mode.

    This is always something that we test before we release a package for a given product. If it can't be done silently in a reliable way, then we won't support the software (with packages).

    In general we only support updating software that has been installed as an Admin user (into e.g. Program Files), we do not currently support per user installations (e.g. in C:\Users). With Zoom being one notable exception, because their installer is smart enough to cover both.

  • @Tom : this issue is still there. When reading again your answer this remember me issues of installations (even /quiet ones) that required "interactive mode". LocalSystem cannot provide this mode.
    Same sthing for "Inspect this computer" that do not work in standard account. But the same functionality works with the toolbox which requires elevation of priviledges thru UAC then launch a cmd with secteer.exe .
    Hope this helps.

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    The agent always runs as LocalSystem, so this should not have any effect.
    However, the change will not be reported before a new inspection has been conducted.
    We are working on changing this behavior, to provide a faster and better status update.

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