Business - Expand Software Versions to see Hosts

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    In VulnDetect Business I have the view Applications that shows all applications installed on all my connected hosts.
    When I click an application, then I see all installed versions.

    Here I am using SUMo as example, because for SUMo I have multiple versions on my hosts:


    You see that

    • SUMo is installed on 3 hosts and
    • SUMo is installed on 2 hosts.

    So on two hosts I have an older version of SUMo installed.
    Here I click on te blue link "2" to see all hosts with this version.

    It would be easier if I have the > icon in front of the application icon.
    When I click it then it expands and I see the hosts where this version is installed.


    I can expand both versions and see all hosts where SUMo is installed.
    This is very useful for applications, that are intalled on multiple hosts and Admins want to see all installations and expand the list of older installations.

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    But you get the point (what I mean) and can find a proper solution.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    Thank you for the suggestion. This may be better if you have few hosts, but some customers have more than a thousand installations of one version of one piece of software, in that case it isn't feasible to expand the view.

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