Business - List of Problematic Apps of all Hosts

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    Business users have multiple computers with multiple applications.
    And one application can be installed in various versions.
    Some users in a company are allowed to install applications themselves (they have admin rights).

    These apps can have the following security issues:

    • app can have known vulnerabilities
    • version can be outdated (there is an updated version available)
    • app can be EOL

    So for admins it would be useful to see a list of all problematic apps, that have these problems.
    In this list apps without any problems are not shown.
    This list can be used as a To-Do-List for admins.

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    I think this feature could be very interesting for Families where one poor admin is managing multiple computers of family members.

    Here the family members can install applications themselves (the admin does not manage the PC like an admin in a company).
    And family members might have turned off the PC for some days (not always turned on).
    So such a list would be very very helpful.

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    I know the applications page very well but getting the desired information requires multiple clicks.
    After I sorted for EOL and then sorted for "0-Day" I see just the "0-Day" on top (means, I loose the sort for "EOL").
    So this requires a click for each criterium.

    It would help to have a checkbox "Hide OK applications".
    And to have a column "Update Available" or apps that are out-dated.

    Next it would be useful to expand each entry to see that Hosts have this application installed (to see this in the applications pge, because this way I can expand multiple applications).

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    On the applications page you can get quite close to this feature, by sorting on the different states:
    Once sorted, finding the affected hosts, takes only two clicks.

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