Show updates for Microsoft Windows

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    In the Log-Files of VulnDetect I found the following lines (I just removed the timestamps at the beginning of the lines):

    • Searching updates: IsInstalled=0
    • Found 2 updates
    • Searching updates: IsInstalled=1
    • Found 16 updates

    I think the IsInstalled=0 is for available Windows Updates.
    In my case there are 2 updates as not installed listed.
    If I go to the Windows 10 Updates, then I see that a Reboot is required (so there are indeed updates that should be installed).

    It would be cool when you show this information at top of the list of applications, because it increases the security of my system.
    So I see that there are pending windows updates available.
    But add also a note that the number shows the information of the last scan and that the updates might already be installed.

    In the Configuration you should add a checkbox "Report Windows Updates" at the new section Scan options (this section is needed for other suggestions).
    This checkbox is checked by default.

  • Community Moderator

    I really wonder if it is possible to search for updates of Windows via command line.
    This would be a real benefit for users if you start the check via VulnDetect and then show a message in the list of applications that there are Windows Updates available.