Show updates for Drivers

  • Community Moderator

    VulnDetect should also scan for installed drives and also offer updates for these drivers.
    Up-to-date drivers increase the security of the system a lot (did someone say "Spectre/Meltdown" here?).

    In the Configuration you should add a checkbox "Show updates for Drivers" at the new section Scan options (this section is needed for other suggestions).
    This checkbox is checked by default.

  • Community Moderator

    Updates for drivers is a very important feature!

    Where users can go to any app website and download and install a new version, for drivers this is a bit more complicated.
    Users have to search for the correct driver (correct hardware, correct OS, correct version like x64 or x32).
    Even I have problems doing this (so I don't investigate the time) and I would estimate my skills to quiet well.

    Next driver updates increase the stability of the system, increase the security and also offer new features.

    So in my opinion a driver scan is a very important feature!

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    Some of the files Sumo discovers are drivers. While having VulnDetect discover drivers might be nice in the future, I think a focus on programs in the near term should be the priority

    Suggested by @HempOil

  • Update of drivers is requested: closest to ring 0. Having this as an option is very optional 🙂 !