Add multiple computers (Family/Companies)

  • Community Moderator

    Please allow to add multiple computers in the settings, so I can scan multiple computers for available updates.
    This is very useful for families (in my family there are multiple computers and VMs), but also for companies.

    Please show the scan results of all computers in the list of applications.
    Show here a separate table for each computer.
    And please show the computer name at top of each table (this is the reason why renaming a computer is so important).

  • To add some clues:

    • home / family computers should not be restricted to home / family / student version (professional versions shall be allowed)
    • IP address shall not be a criteria to differentiate computers: it is now quite current to have multi-homed, multi-stacks home computers but you still have NAT for IP V4.

    Hope this helps.