Allow to set up a Proxy Server

  • Community Moderator

    Some users need to set op a Proxy Server in each application, so the application has access to the internet.
    At work for example I have to do this for all my apps.

    So please add in the configuration:

    • a checkbox User Proxy Server (if it is checked then enable the following fields, otherwise they are disabled)
    • field for Server
    • field for Port (with default value 80)
    • field for Username
    • field for Password

  • IE/Windows, Chrome, Firefox are using different proxy settings. Sometimes the proxy which should be used by browsers restricts the access to the internet (company policy). In this case applications has to use another proxy.
    So this feature is useful.

  • If I am not wrong, Windows stores somewhere proxy information and let it available for browsers and other apps. May be Carma should look at this information then look at specific information if not computer wide configured. There is also a way to give auto-configuration info to browsers.