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    VulnDetect scans my system so it knows all applications that I have on my system.
    In the list of applications I see all apps, that are supported by VulnDetect.
    Missing apps I have to report via the forms.

    It would be useful when you have a switch in the list of applications where I can switch between "Show all apps" and "Show supported apps".

    I know that this list will be very long, because there are thousands of EXE and DLL files on my system.
    But you can exclude some folders in this list (like the Windows System folder).
    And with the feature Filter Applications users can type the name and the list is filtered (less entries shown).

    Then I select an application and click on the button "Request".
    Now a dialog opens where I enter all required data like:

    • Name of the app
    • Developer
    • Website
    • Download Site
    • Version number displayed in the app

    Some information might be already filled.
    And you also can extract the app-icon directly from the application.

    This way users can request apps very easily.
    Much more comfortable than having to post it in the forums (increases the usability).
    And this way you will get more app-requests.

    At the beginning you may enable this feature only for some users, not all users.

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    This is OK for me because suggestiing via the list of applications is more comfortable than writing a forum posting.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    @OLLI_S Leave the topic open, I still think it is relevant for VulnDetect to support this. But it will not happen soon.

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    @Tom said in Suggest apps via the List of Applications:

    But for now I think that GetAppDetails and Toolbox does a good job

    Today I released the Toolbox for VulnDetect.
    So should I mark this suggestion as [Implemented] (because the Toolbox can be used to suggest missing apps)?
    Or should we leave this topic opened (because you wrote "for now I think that GetAppDetails and Toolbox does a good job")?

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    I will try to finish the Toolbox so it can replace GetAppDetails.
    Meantime you can work over your processes.

  • VulnDetect Team Member

    I agree that we need a better process for this. But for now I think that GetAppDetails and Toolbox does a good job.

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